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As I woman I know how important is to feel the most beautiful person in the whole world in your wedding day. You want to feel great and look great, after all you are going to be the center of attention and you need feel flawlessly gorgeous.

As a well trained professional makeup artist I know the importance of not only using long lasting and photo friendly products but also up to date techniques to create your timeless, flawless and fresh bridal look.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

featured on Martha Stewart Wedings

Trying to soak it all in……oh this is big!!!!

Yesterday as soon as I got home I crashed. It had been a long day after running all over San Diego doing a look book in the morning and a long bridal trial in the afternoon. It was definitely a successful day but I was exhausted- “I only need 5 minutes to recharge” I thought while pushing my doggies to the side. Then I heard the “ding ding” coming from my phone….I tried to ignore it but it “ding ding” again. I turned around to reach for it just to check who had sent me a text. “oh it’s Mai” (owner and creator of Ruche) I immediately got a smile on my face and opened the text, my vision was still trying to adjust so I had to get up and read the text again because really I couldn’t believe it “KC!! We’re on Martha Stewart and they linked to u!!”…….”what? That’s crazy …where?” I replied with disbelieve as I felt a rush of adrenaline. She kindly sent me the link witch it seemed forever to download on my phone… it finally opened:


Beauty Notes: The Look of Love Posted By Sarah Smith

Ruche just came out with this gorgeous wedding lookbook and some of its images, like the ones below, took my breath away with their classic beauty.

I love the makeup so much that I had to find out who was behind the look: L.A. and San Diego makeup artist, KC Witkamp. If you're having a wedding in the area and are dying over this soft brown eye and rose lip as much as I am, give her a shout.

Oh my gosh!!! Really?!!! I couldn’t believe it….. I started jumping and screaming all over the living room as my husband and doggies were staring at me (I’m sure I looked like a crazy woman). I jumped my way down to my husband and said “I’m featured on Martha Stewart Weddings”- he took the phone from my hand and read the article making a loud emphasis on the last paragraph- “you know this is big right?” He said holding me into his arms giving me the best hug ever….”I know”- I replied with tears in my eyes.

I felt very grateful and thankful for all the opportunities that have come my way but especially because I get to work with people that are as passionate about their job as much as I am of mine. Shortly after I posted the big news on Facebook and twitter I started getting messages, texts, and calls from people that made it even more special. THANK YOU!

Among those messages there was one that caught my attention “Girl... How did you do it?? I've been dying to go big on my own forever! I need tips, cause I gotta get out of the 9 to 5 crap.” When I finished reading it I had all these emotions and memories going through my head….the truth is that it’s been a whole lot of hard work blended with professionalism, focus, tears, taking risk, believe, sleepless nights, skill, confusion, happiness, stress, success, faith, disappointment, support, energy, courage, focus, love, perseverance, passion, and a lot of driving. Really, I wish I had a straight forward answer but I don’t.

For the last few years I’ve been working nonstop to follow my dream, I took the risk and followed my heart, I decided to make my passion and love my full time career and I chose not to settle for anything less than that. I put a lot of heart in my work and try to do the best I can. I keep taking classes and learn as much as I can to improve my work because after all you are only as good as your last job.

  I KNOW I couldn’t have got to this point without the help, love, and support of others. My husband Matt has been my biggest cheerleader and support, close friends and family have always been there to celebrate the good and pushed me to move forward from the bad, my teacher and mentor Donna Mee has always been there to answer my questions and has pushed me so hard from the beginning that I knew that failure wasn’t an option, ALL of my colleges (photographers, stylist, clients, makeup artist, hair stylist, models, creative directors, models, actors…) that I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with have helped me and inspired me (and continue to do so) because this is a TEAM effort.

Special HUGE THANKS to Mai and Josh Olivo and Stephanie Williams for making me part of the Ruche family and for always sharing with me their vision and success from day one. I love them like family. And THANK YOU to Sarah Smith, beauty editor from Martha Stewart Weddings for her sweet and kind words that had made a huge impact in my life and career.

I’m blessed to be able to have my passion as my career and to wake up every morning looking forward to a new adventure.

KC Witkamp

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